Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fire Fire! Dinner?

So with my insane schedule this week, I had allocated a block of time Wed to post my blog and link up etc. As I was writing I heard a bunch of fire trucks. I sort of filtered it out and kept writing (I do my blog in word fist because my internet connection in this sublet is slow). I got a phone call and was distracted while the smell of smoke kept getting worse and worse.

The trucks, horns and sirens were still coming. I started to feel a little dizzy but I was not sure if it was the smoke or the double dose of Robitussin! In any case I thought I ought to look out the window and see what’s going on. Holy Crap! I better get out, the street was filled with fire trucks and smoke this was the real deal. I have had this cough for two weeks now and this was not helping.

I snapped a few photos with my blackberry and I now realize I need to clean the lens. Seems the laundry mat went up in smoke, everyone got out. I am glad I picked up my laundry yesterday!
No More Laundry Mat :(

Being forced from home.... oh well what to do? Dine! Had an amazing dinner at this Mediterranean tapas restaurant that was quite reasonable. Fabulous food and presentation, stylish décor and impeccably clean. It’s called Presta , on Lexington btwn 31 and 32. Gary is the Maître d'.

I have Midnight Youth coming to the US in March; we have a big show at Joes Pub on March 25. We are trying to get them a record deal in the US and rest of world and so far the response has been great! alot of the "Big Fish" have been responsive. I will have to miss a few days of the New York time because it conflicts with my vacation. There are some great travel deals out there!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Serendipity is opportunity!

I ‘ve been thinking allot about how to bring together my blog, my life, and the Culture Shock Project. Well.. the common link is Music so how can I connect the dots? Hummmm… music…purchase ….culture shock….I produce music….purchase has a lot of music students… fact I have one musician in my Culture Shock group…Santino…he is the assistant director of the orchestra….so he knows lots of players…..Hummmm…In fact he plays Tuba…..what a coincidence, I need a Tuba Player on the Midnight Youth record I am producing for Warner Brothers Records…Maybe he would like to play… Hey Santino wana play tuba on this record …check out the track….. “OK” ….cool lets do it soon .. …“ OK ,I’ll send you some dates”…. Hey you know any string players? I need Violin, Viola, Cello on another song… “ yea, we have some pretty amazing players at purchase” …cool hook me up with the best players it will be a great opportunity for them to get credit on an internationally released pop/rock record!

So that’s how I began to connect the dots. Dan, also in my Purchase College Culture Shock group, is studying recording and he may record the tuba! We will likely record at my studio in LIC, but we may try to do it in the campus studio. Get more Purchase College action in there!

If you have not yet checked out the Midnight Youth Letter Video and their webpage go to They will be in the US in March and we are playing Joes Pub on March 25th!

Hopefully we can pull this recording together before my deadline so it will give me more Purchase College stuff to talk about. When the album wins the Grammy and a bunch of Purchase College students have some credits, we will have our viral marketing class to thank! It will be a great example of how networking works and how serendipity can turn into opportunity!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Culture Shock

I am glad I am working on the Culture Shock team. I hope to bring some mobile marketing to the effort . I think there is alot our group can bring to the event.

I recorded Bass Clarinet, Sax, and Flute on one of the Midnight Youth Songs. I need Tuba and Trombone. I think I have the tuba covered! If any of you bonezmen want to record on an international album let me know. I NEED TO GET THIS DONE THIS WEEK!

Go to and check out the band.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Moral of the story..Check email

Yesterday I whined about my 8:30 am Mon morning class and the homework sent by email on thurs. Sun I was up till 3 doing the assignment ( as Fri and Sat were booked up ) up at 6:30 to be ontime, only to find no professor.....the moral of the story, check your purchase email before class if you commute!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Midnight Youth #1 video

Check out this band I discovered last year at MIDEM (Cannes) and brought to NYC where I put them up in my studio developed and produced their album which is coming out on Warner Brothers Records in NZ and AUS next month. They will be in NY in March and I will keep you all posted about the show (and after party!).
Check out the video now # 1 video in NZ!

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Long and Winding Road....

When I was a Jr. in college I had the opportunity to join Esquire Records as a Jr. Partner and in house producer and songwriter with a path to Director of Talent Development. It was a dream job and a blank canvas. I took the opportunity and never looked back.
I have since had many exciting jobs in the music industry including recording engineer, producer, songwriter, tour manager and studio and business consultant. I have owned and operated Hotbed Music which is a talent development and production company for several years. Hotbed has given me the opportunity to work with some amazing talent and to help advance their progress. Some, you have heard of, most, you never will.
A few years ago I got involved with a start-up company called txttunes. I worked closely with the CEO to help establish a presence in the US and used my industry contacts to help advance our business plan.
Txttunes offered mp3 downloads to pc, purchased using a cell phone account. We developed the product into a viral widget- based direct sales and marketing tool. Most people had never heard of a widget in 2006, so we had our challenges. It was a phenomenal experience and I got to meet many players on the vanguard of social media and cutting edge ecommerce and marketing. Also, I interacted with many leaders in “the changing of the guard” of the ailing and archaic music industry.
My interests have broadened considerably. That’s what led me to Purchase. I can complete the degree I started, learn in specific areas that are of interest to me personally and professionally.
Technology has always revolutionized business. Understanding of the digital landscape, social networking, value propositions, and multiple revenue streams are now prerequisite for an artist’s commercial success. That’s what led me to this class…