Wednesday, March 25, 2009


All On Our Own, viral video

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sorry About The Video Fiasco Tonight

I wanted to show you all a live video of the band Midnight Youth I've been talking about for the last week , but there was a mix up and the video got pulled before I could show it because it has not yet been released.... In any case, check out their website and email me if you want to go to the show. I was going to get a bus from purchase to the club and planed to see how many people would go, but without the video it was kind of pointless. You can hear some of the tunes on there sight or on the player on my blog. If 20 or more people want to go I will get a bus.
If not have a great SPRING BREAK!!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Midnight Youth US NYC Show March 25

Midnight Youth US NYC Show March 25

Check Out Video!!

Check out this newest viral video for All On Our Own. talk about sticky, last year they were playing in front of forty to fifty people a night. now they are drawing up to five thousand!


I've been getting everything set up for the Midnight Youth show in NYC March 25Th at Joe's Pub.
we are also shooting a video for Learning To Fall, one of my favorite songs on the album. director Guy Quinlan is shooting around NY. There will be a classic band on the roof scene, and i will have to supply some amps and a drum kit for the props. The first single and video has done well in NZ #2 video and radio play. the letter will be released in Australia any day now. Check out the live footage of "All On Our Own".

My studio is finally shaping up. Here are some photos! ... my project room.....

Here is Spin Recording Studio A...this is the room i track all Drums, Piano, and mix... it has an SSL G series console that was origionaly Dr. Dre's. the piano came from the famous bearsvill studio's and meatloaf's " Bat Out Of Hell", one of the best selling albums of all time, used this piano.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rant:Constructive eviction, semi volatile organic compounds, nuisance odors, hotels, sublets and other subjects I never intended to be an expert on.

Rant:Constructive eviction, semi volatile organic compounds, nuisance odors, hotels, sublets and other subjects I never intended to be an expert on.

Let’s start with “Constructive Eviction”. This is the legal term used when your landlord (in my case co-op corporation) has caused or allows to be caused an unreasonable nuisance or other situation that makes your house or apt un-inhabitable. If you can prove there is in fact this condition the landlord is responsible for your relocation costs and you may withhold rent (as long as you notify the landlord in writing) until the matter is resolved.
When there was an oil delivery Jan 9th we evacuated our Apt due to overwhelming oil vapors. The odor did not dissipate after several days and we knew it was a problem. A letter to the board about my “Constructive Eviction” set the remedy in motion. The manager of the building minimized the situation and calls the oil odor a “fragrance”. He ordered an air test which showed above background levels of Benzene (a petroleum based nero toxin) and other petroleum based compounds. The environmental consultant said that the levels were not above OSHA guidelines so the apt was “inhabitable”. Well, Osha has standards for gas stations and oil drilling rigs, but not for bedrooms and it is not a standard I am comfortable with. So that brings us to Nuisance laws. If the odor is an unreasonable and there is evidence that it exists then the cost of repair falls onto the liable party as well as relocation expenses.
To make a short story long, the DEC and my own environmental consultant made recommendations of how to fix the problem (it took a month to get the management to recognize there was a problem). The board agreed on the steps and orders it done by Feb 25 so that we can move back in. I was told all the steps have been taken, the odor was neutralized and the apartment had been cleaned by Restoration Company. So we moved out of our sublet and arrived to our apt which now had a different overwhelming odor. It seems nobody felt it was necessary to inform us that they were not done, and the Epoxy the used to seal the tank room below our apt was still wet. They also left the wet rollers and buckets right outside our window and garbage bags full of wet epoxy downstairs. The cleaning crew did in fact wipe down the walls of our apartment and left evidence in the form of wet rags left on an antique leather air loom chair. The shit job they did was unfathomable. So off we went to our home away from how the double tree, and luckily we were able to get the same sublet back. All of this I had a nasty chest cold and cough. So to look at the glass half full I am now and expert in all of this stuff and we are off to St. Lucia for spring break, hopefully we will have a home to come back too!