Monday, February 2, 2009

The Long and Winding Road....

When I was a Jr. in college I had the opportunity to join Esquire Records as a Jr. Partner and in house producer and songwriter with a path to Director of Talent Development. It was a dream job and a blank canvas. I took the opportunity and never looked back.
I have since had many exciting jobs in the music industry including recording engineer, producer, songwriter, tour manager and studio and business consultant. I have owned and operated Hotbed Music which is a talent development and production company for several years. Hotbed has given me the opportunity to work with some amazing talent and to help advance their progress. Some, you have heard of, most, you never will.
A few years ago I got involved with a start-up company called txttunes. I worked closely with the CEO to help establish a presence in the US and used my industry contacts to help advance our business plan.
Txttunes offered mp3 downloads to pc, purchased using a cell phone account. We developed the product into a viral widget- based direct sales and marketing tool. Most people had never heard of a widget in 2006, so we had our challenges. It was a phenomenal experience and I got to meet many players on the vanguard of social media and cutting edge ecommerce and marketing. Also, I interacted with many leaders in “the changing of the guard” of the ailing and archaic music industry.
My interests have broadened considerably. That’s what led me to Purchase. I can complete the degree I started, learn in specific areas that are of interest to me personally and professionally.
Technology has always revolutionized business. Understanding of the digital landscape, social networking, value propositions, and multiple revenue streams are now prerequisite for an artist’s commercial success. That’s what led me to this class…

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