Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Serendipity is opportunity!

I ‘ve been thinking allot about how to bring together my blog, my life, and the Culture Shock Project. Well.. the common link is Music so how can I connect the dots? Hummmm… music…purchase ….culture shock….I produce music….purchase has a lot of music students… fact I have one musician in my Culture Shock group…Santino…he is the assistant director of the orchestra….so he knows lots of players…..Hummmm…In fact he plays Tuba…..what a coincidence, I need a Tuba Player on the Midnight Youth record I am producing for Warner Brothers Records…Maybe he would like to play… Hey Santino wana play tuba on this record …check out the track….. “OK” ….cool lets do it soon .. …“ OK ,I’ll send you some dates”…. Hey you know any string players? I need Violin, Viola, Cello on another song… “ yea, we have some pretty amazing players at purchase” …cool hook me up with the best players it will be a great opportunity for them to get credit on an internationally released pop/rock record!

So that’s how I began to connect the dots. Dan, also in my Purchase College Culture Shock group, is studying recording and he may record the tuba! We will likely record at my studio in LIC, but we may try to do it in the campus studio. Get more Purchase College action in there!

If you have not yet checked out the Midnight Youth Letter Video and their webpage go to They will be in the US in March and we are playing Joes Pub on March 25th!

Hopefully we can pull this recording together before my deadline so it will give me more Purchase College stuff to talk about. When the album wins the Grammy and a bunch of Purchase College students have some credits, we will have our viral marketing class to thank! It will be a great example of how networking works and how serendipity can turn into opportunity!

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