Wednesday, April 22, 2009

High Tech vs. The Simple Life:

High Tech vs. The Simple Life:
The Tipping Point, Aesop, and backwards compatibility.

So I bought an ipod nano since my original ipod fried. This little device seemed simple and elegant. I was looking forward to getting some songs, audio books and podcasts loaded up ASAP!
When I got home and hooked up the USB to my 12” Mac G4 laptop
I was informed by a pop up menu I needed the latest version of itunes in order to use the nano. The computer and itunes recognized the nano but for some reason it would not work with my somewhat recent itunes version. Ok, I thought, I’ll just go to apple and download the latest itunes. After a brief download, I clliked on the installer icon and a new pop up informed me that the new itunes is not compatible with OS 10.3.9 , (panther) I needed at least 10.4 (panther). OK, well the new version of flash doesn’t work with 10.3.9 and it was as bad of time as any to upgrade my system software. So, 24 hours and $150 later I was the proud owner of OS10.5.6. I inserted the dvd and clicked the install Icon. “there is not enough room to install another 11 gig is needed”
Holy shit! Thi system is more than 10x the size of 10.3.9! I have a 40Gig hard drive with less than a gig available. What a pain in the ass, Ok, so I’ll back up the laptop on an external drive and delete a bunch of photos …well that was not enough so I had to start a looking at my itunes library. I actually buy my music so my library is all songs I either paid to download or bought the CD, and it would all have to be re authorized if I erase it. But I had no choice so I wiped the drive and installed the gigantic 10.3.9 onto my laptop. I was able to import my itunes library and re authorize most of the songs and it has been working ok so far. I remember the days when apple products were always backward compatible. WTF?

Meanwhile my black berry track ball stopped tracking, so I cant txt,email or look up phone numbers.

I canceled my data plan and I am about to throw the thing in the river and get a $30 unlimited calls plan from metro pcs and call it a day. Since I moved back into my apartment I did not bother turning cable back on. No phone, TV, or internet. I love it. I am reading again, maybe in a year or so I’ll remember how to spell. I don’t know if Im at a “ tipping point” or a “Snapping Point” but I will blog a twit and my way to canceling con ed and living with candles. I guess I enjoyed the pain so much I decided to do a system and computer upgrade. I wont even get started about transferring my hundreds of plug ins from my powermac g4 to my G5, I think a picture is worth a thousand words…ho right I cant take a picture with my blackberry because the button is broken!!

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