Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Save Yourself!!!!!

Had to chance a recording session today because of some computer problems. I was resetting some software and lost power right in the middle and now my entire system is screwed . I will likely have to restore the system which if that is the case I’ll have to buy a new computer. One song file from a\ client will not open now and may have been corrupted. We ueually back up after every session but may not have last session which was a vocal session. It would be a total drag if we cannot load the session, I need to try it on another machine with digital performer.

If I can load it on another machine I will be stoked, but I will not have a chance to do that until tomorrow. NOTE TO SELL : ALLWAYS BACK UP!!!!! I’ll see if I can save Myself!
Speaking of ….
Tonight I am off to see Rocco Delucca & the Burden at Bowery. They have that song “Save Yourself” which I think is pretty Rockin’ reminds me of a Chris Cornell? Zep vibe, and the band sounds tight. I look forward to hearing them live! I will post about it latter.`

Check out the video:

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