Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So I’ve been blogging about Midnight Youth a lot. Now they played a kik ass show in NYC last week and we had a great after party at Norwood House hosted by director Guy Quinlan who is directing the video for the Midnight Youth song “ Learning To Fall “.I am planning a US mix of the song with a string arrangement by Jesse Pynigar and myself . Jesse worked with film composer Howard Shore on Lord Of The Rings and many other projects. The parts are really cool and I can’t wait to get the players together. We may use some Suny Purchase Orchestra players on the recording!
I’ve posted some photos that Midnight Youth Documentary filmmaker and photographer
Michael Humphrey took while we were recording the album.

I am in the market for a new car and I test-drove the all-new infinity G37 coup.
It was pretty sweet and the folks at Pepe infinity were nice. The car was surprisingly stiff and bumpy at slow speeds but handled well on the highway. I was not blown away by the timing of the 6 speed transmission and in manual mode I found the Farrari inspired paddles not worth the effort. In the end It would be hard for me to rationalize a car that gets the same mileage as my 1998 ford explorer. 18 mpg city!

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